Alexandre Cote

Co-founder of the Centre for Inclusive Policy,  Alexandre Cote has been working in the field of inclusive development for 20 years across Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa. He had the opportunity to actively participate in the negotiation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and ever since has been contributing to its implementation and monitoring. He is particularly interested in human rights based approach to development and public policy, access to services, and supporting social innovation, empowerment and self advocacy.

As Capacity Building Program Manager for the International Disability Alliance (IDA) (2010 to 2017), he has supported global advocacy and technical engagement with UN agencies and processes, in particular in the field of social protection and financing for development. He developed and coordinated implementation of IDA capacity building strategy supporting over 1200 disability activists from 90 countries over 7 years, and facilitated national and regional workshops on CRPD implementation in Asia, Africa, Europe and Pacific. He also had the opportunity to contribute to the development and delivery of two intensive training programs, ToTAL-CRPD and BRIDGE CRPD-SDGs with IDDC and supported the development of DPOs initiatives on CRPD compliant budget advocacy in India, Philippines and Pacific.

With Handicap International (1997-2008), first as desk officer deputy for East and Horn of Africa, then as Regional Program Director for South East Europe and later Middle East, he has developed and managed programs in the field of access to social services, humanitarian relief, medical rehabilitation, civil society development and policy advocacy. He initiated the Disability Monitor Initiative for South East Europe which produced a series of reports related to de-institutionalisation and development of community services.

He started his career as a social worker and has worked with children at risks in disenfranchised urban areas.

Alexandre holds a Msc in International Development and a BA in social policy and is currently studying issues related to analysis and design of social protection system.