Mohammed Abba Isa

The best approach is by providing support interms of increasing their access to basic services in those communities. By doing so, we are improving their socio economic activities by having access to quality and Ava potable water, good education, quality health services amongst others. It will make them healthy, literate and productive thereby improving on their livelihood.
However, with limited resources, communities need to prioritize their needs and carryout the development according to the needs prioritized.
A development tool known as “Community Driven Development, CDD” is one of the best approach in such communities. It empowers community to prioritize their needs and implement the projects in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. It makes the communities drivers of their developmental needs.
It makes development sustainable, effective and efficient, inclusive and at the sametime builds their capacity.

From- Comr Mohammed Abba Isa Advocates for Disability Rights and Inclusive Development DID Nigeria