badege sam

<p style=”text-align: left;”>The Best consultants we have in community support services to people with disabilities would be people with disabilities themselves and the OPDs or DPOs for the case of us.</p>
The challenge that the community we have in these two categories of counties is that Governments and other service providers use the PDOs as objects of pity, a bunch of Wa Masikini twho cannot decide on their own, they can never be relayed upon in collecting Data, they are never involved in planning for their support.
<p style=”text-align: center;”>The so called funders are the ones who  are the most in crippling factors , since they come with their own agenda having on poverty and egnorance of the beneficiiarie, s funders have turned DPOs  canters of  their own agendas, people with disabilities, save opportunists are kept in fear of expressing themselves else they will be axed from associating with others.</p>
There are scanty information tha the Government’s can use to make an inclusive planning which will increase the ediquacy of services but again these elements are dangerous.

The Key, however remains inclusive planning at all stages decision making.


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