Joseph Walugembe

Ronald, I really resonate with  all you  have shared  here. From my experience  as  a member of the  local government   recruitment    authority,  there are no  posts for “supports” for  employees with disabilities.  Senior  officials for example  have  drivers, personal secretaries,  office assistants, body guards, etc. because it is recognized they need that kind of assistance  arising from the   responsibility  of their office, in order to allow them be more  productive in such  roles. Surprising,  public service has not  recognized that  public  servants with disabilities, either   right form the time of joining or   developed in the course of their employment  need supports to perform int heir work and be productive. So  awareness raising on the importance of supports;  and advocacy for the creation  of supports posts in public service     should contginue.

Additionally,   the issue of   standardisation  and professionalization of supports   requires  more attention. The government will always ask questions  like what qualification  and what experience  for   location in the public service structure,  remuneration and quality control. And while on  one  hand some supports can be  professionalized,   there are those which are best  provided from the point of  understanding each other and one wonders how those will fit  in the   qualification  driven public system.