Julia Hayes

I think the answer to this questions differs depending on who is asking.  If it is Governments and leaders then I think that it is important to invest in systems that provide structures at a national and regional level that support those on the ground to implement quality education which accounts for local context.  For example, ensuring teachers have the training, materials and ongoing support to address the needs of children, and can adapt what exists in the environment.  If it is teachers asking, then I encourage them to remember that they already possess so many of the skills they need: think about how to make a child feel welcomed, work with the family to find out how the child learns best, find out what the child is good at and see if they can help other children with that, build on the natural supports in the area (peers, local mentors, community).  If it is parents asking, then I encourage them to build community with other parents and find ways to work together with teachers in ways that keep the focus upon what their child CAN do. Most of all, ask the child themselves – lots of children can say what would help if asked in ways that help them express themselves.