The question “how to best support the education of children with disabilities in low and middle-income countries,” call for a detailed deliberations. In countries like India, there are two streams through which children undergo their Education – Schools for persons with disabilities or so called Special Schools and regular Schools run by Governments. the objective of Education in all perspectives meant for transformation. First and foremost, teacher training lacks the humane factor in the curriculum in general. it is only considered as a mere certification or a professional course. the curriculum should trigger the passion of the individual and make one realise the value of such job role. Secondly, engaging and creating a rapport with the children with disabilities and their parents are the fundamental factors to gain the confidence of them. Imagine, a single teacher handling 4 different types of disabled children in a class of 40/50. it is a real challenge not only for the teacher to do justice, but as well achallenge to the children