Stefan Tromel

Hello to all,

In the ILO we have been focusing for a number of years on the employment of persons with disabilities in the private sector. We do this in the framework of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN) which includes global companies committed to disability inclusion as well as the already more than 30 national business and disability networks. These employer-led initiatives bring together local companies and subsidiaries of global companies and provide a space for companies to learn from each other and also to collaborate with DPOs and other NGOs.

Within this context we have started an initiative to focus on promoting digital jobs for persons with disabilities, as there is an unmet demand for these professionals and if we are able to increase the pool of persons with disabilities that have the relevant digital skills, many of them should be able to find jobs in areas like cybersecurity, blockchain, AI, big data and digital accessibility, among others.