Tom Shakespeare

Thanks, Stefan and Dan for your comments and for your great endeavours in this field.  But a question comes to my mind, which economists may be able to help with.   My instinct (some patchy evidence) is that people with disabilities have more livelihood opportunities in informal economies. I am thinking of small shops, household production, trading of home-grown produce or honey, making peanut butter, and of course crafts such as tailoring or cobbling.  Often families/households are the units of production, and there is not much travel-to-work required.  However, the direction of economic development – which we hope LMICs will be travelling along, growing national income – is towards more formal employment, e.g. wage labour in factories, bigger offices, farms, stores etc.  My hunch is that there is more exclusion of persons with disabilities as economies become more formal.  What works to prevent this and promote inclusion?