J├╝rgen Menze

I think we need to look at the labour market in a holistic way, thus trying to understand the drivers of unequal outcomes for people with disabilities on the supply and the demand side – and everything in between. On the supply side, we need to make sure that disability-targeted or mainstream skills training for people with disabilities is aligned with the actual needs of potential employers. At the same time, skills training needs to be accessible (including teaching material and physical environments) and teaching staff need to be confident in accommodating students with disabilities. On the demand side, it is paramount to further the discussion of disability issues in wider Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) conversations, increasingly used by companies worldwide since they recognize the business benefits. Public authorities can play a key role in providing guidance to employers, e.g. on reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities in the workplace. Private and public job matching systems with expertise on disability issues can help bridge the supply and demand side of the labour market.