Asha Hans

IPCC’s sixth assessment report reflects the deteriorating global situation of climate change. In recent years it has been obvious that many people like me working on Disaster Risk Reduction, have been drawing attention to climate change also.

I have done work on DiDRR including writing the Indian government guidelines. My recent years’ work on gender and climate change has highlighted the need for disability inclusion in climate change policy and practice.

1. There is a need for effective interaction between disability organizations and policymakers, researchers/academics, and communities to facilities better opportunities for inclusion of ideas of persons with disabilities and their organizations.

2. With the climate change Conference of State Parties on climate change only a month away, action is needed to ensure that a stakeholder group is formed as we had managed to do that before Sendai to interact with State Parties

3. A disaggregated data collection process be initiated

3. Ensure that a special report / or inclusion disability issues in IPCC thematic reports  focusing on disability be brought out

4. A global meeting (virtual) be organized by UNFCCC on disability-inclusive Climate Change

There are many ways to go forward as we believe climate change will impact severely  Disabled people and organizations and it is time to make our voices heard as it was done in the DRR process leading to Sendai.

As a beginning, I have started with Maria Kett who was one of the first globally to highlight  this issue, an edited book on disability-inclusive climate change and look forward to all your ideas 

Prof Asha Hans EVP SMRC which has Observor Status with UNFCCC