Maria Kett
  • Participant

Hi everyone, thank you all for your contributions so far.

Asha, you have set out a great agenda for action, and I see Dan has asked a question about what indicators would be  feasible. It depends what we are measuring of course, but certainly some indication that current and new initiatives to address climate impacts are inclusive of persons with disabilities at community level need to be in place.  We also need more examples of ‘good practice’ (as well as discussions of what we mean by good practice). On that note, please do share any thoughts here, as well as share examples of good practice around disability inclusion and climate resilience or sustainability here: https://www.disabilityinnovation.com/webinars/disability-innovation-live-an-inclusive-future-disability-inclusive-and-climate-resilient-cities

Please keep your thoughts, comments and questions coming – there are only a few weeks to go now to COP26!