Vaishnavi Jayakumar
Well, for one, the two need to meet and understand each others work beyond token, tick box representation.
I’m having a little difficulty on taking the long view on climate change – there are enough crises (some perhaps climate change triggered) keeping us on our toes for the last few years – floods, cyclones, fire, oil spill, pandemic  etc. So we are moving from crisis to crisis with no time to breathe or advocate and force change.
These are some of the issues being faced on the ground after disasters, in no particular order :
– Replacement of mobility aids lost in floods is being hawked around for CSR rather than govt funding.
Mind you, at least Kerala Govt was a pioneer in taking on this commitment, others have not bothered acknowledging this issue.
– Inaccessibility of shelters
TN doesn’t have specific shelters for disasters, instead schools and community halls are commandeered. To some extent because these are govt estabishments there will be basic access, but not the toilets which are built for children. Public toilets near these shelters are also not functional or inaccessible.
– No diversity exposure; thinking is majoritarian.
Eg, when there was an oxygen shortage during the 2nd wave, no allocations were made for o2 dependent people living at home – all attention was towards hospital supply alone. Ditto, no thinking of a ventilator dependent person who ran out of fuel for her generator after Cyclone Vardah resulted in days of power outage. Or those who cannot self evacuate during a disaster, and therefore are stranded with no access to food or rescue because the system is geared towards people in shelters alone. Here’s Prabhakar’s story for eg : https://www.youtube.com/watch?<wbr />v=XNWjlMcPers
– No priority group focus
Even after so many disasters – same old arrangements have to be forced from scratch for dialysis & transfusion dependent people and those on chemo or anti retroviral therapy. The whole ‘women and children first’ drill needs to be updated and followed – instead there’s mayhem, overloading and too many people die because of lack of discipline and protocol.
– Crisis communication is the worst. Consumer education is not inclusive and people, especially disabled & middle class, need to learn disaster-prep and evacuation obedience.  For starters the social media communication has to be made accessible.  Eg : https://twitter.com/<wbr />DisabilityIndia/status/<wbr />1449444564633149441/retweets/<wbr />with_comments
Stopping tirade prematurely here!
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