eEsma Gumberidze
  • Participant

In 2016-2017 ASB (a German based organization that works on humanitarian issues) had a grant to work on Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction in Georgia. They partnered with the Administration of the Prime-Minister, put them in contact with the OPD-s. Provided OPD-s with the draft strategy on security and disaster risk management to go through and submit comments. Funded a joint visit by the OPD-s and the government to the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in Mexsico on May 22-26 2017. However after the project was over and the strategy expired, the Prime-Minister’s Office has not reached out to the OPD-s on its own to try and consult with us on the new strategy. Frankly speaking, neither did the OPD-s reach out to the government with a request to participate. OPD-s are underresourced, lacking staff. They mostly rely on volunteer work and project specific grants by the international donors. However the project funding is strictly to be spent on the project objectives. Therefore it is a challenge for OPD-s to follow up on different policy processes in the country. There is 1 service-providing organization at the National SDG Council.