Joseph Walugembe

when NGOs andWhile NGOs and Research agencies sometimes appear to move in oposite  diections, possitive results can really come out of their collaboration  for projects that aim at empowring people with  disabiliites.  one way to achieve collaboration  between NGOs and  researchers  is in  setting  and executing  a learning agenda   for example at Stromme foundation, we have  contracted  a univrsity faculty to work with  us  on setting learning queston  for the  economic empowerment project  for people with disabilities.   we have jointly developed  data collecton tools based  on the  learning agenda  that  combine academic  research riggor and practical needs for  project implementors. the researchers have trained  people with disabiltieis to   use the tools. when the  data is collected, the  researchers  faciltate  participatory annalsysi    and ther eis a  feeling that the findings which are emerging are likely to be owned up. they are evidence based and  the organizations and  people with disabiilties feel confident  to take them on board.