eEsma Gumberidze
  • Participant

Besides what CIP does through its fellowship program by engaging young persons with disabilities in research, it would be really great, if universities would do more research on disability issues. I mean organized academic research. I know, National University of Ireland in Galway is doing a lot in that direction. As they say, they are both academics and activists researching and advocating for disability inclusion. Also I would like to add that in Georgia over time I have more university students reaching out to me, as to an activist with disabilities asking for interview or a material on disability issues. They want to write assignments on disability topics. Many of them are not family members of persons with disabilities. Just youngsters interested in topic. I can say this both about journalist, social worker and law students. However on the other hand, we have an unfortunate reality, when persons with disabilities are often called just to participate in research as interviewees, not as researchers. For me, as for a person with disabilities, it was very easy to research and write a chappter on participation of persons with disabilities in decision-making processes for UNPRPD project proposal as a part of their situation analysis. Because I, unlike many non-disabled researchers, know first hand the difference between service-providers receiving and depending on state funding and independent watchdog OPD-s.