Sofie Sergeant

What an interesting question, thanks for all the contributions so far.
Together with researchers, experts by experience, designers… we created a training for inclusive research groups, to support the collaboration in al phases, from the design and birth of a research project until the dissemination of the results. We experienced it is not only the persons with disabilities working in research who need support, it is in the collaboration dilemmas and issues occur. The meta-reflection on “how do we work together”, “who needs what… to be able to contribute” are important questions to bring to the table. The joint ambition is also an important topic: “what is the research work bringing for you?”. In the Cabriotraining we try to create space for these questions and thus for reflection on the how of the making of inclusive research. Please feel free to contact me or to read about our adventures: Working Together, Learning Together: Towards Universal Design for Research — Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (vu.nl)