Adetunde Ademefun

Build Capacity to Engage: The attitudinal disposition of most partners towards OPDs has continually lacking capacity to contribute to the process must first be addressed. Many donors and international development agencies are familiar with funding OPDs; however engaging OPDs to help design, implement, monitor and evaluate programs and portfolios of programs, especially on issues that concerns them, is less common. More importantly, funding percentages that streams into institutional strengthening of OPDs are usually low. This invariably has direct implications on the proficiency turnover within OPDs system.

Although OPDs are increasingly being consulted to provide general advice and guidance at an organizational level, there is a need to sustain deeper level of  strategic engagement which could set the tone for greater OPD ownership of planned programs and activities. In addition, it will allow both parties to rise above the detail of development activities to build trust, understand the context of both parties and determine joint priorities. This model of inclusive approach is expected to strongly provide opportunities to positive contextualize power dynamics, enable the OPDs to provide broad and context-based policy feedbacks and advice outside the role of funding recipient or program partner.