Sally Nduta

Consultation and involvement: Begin at involvement of OPDs in policy development and review processes; and ensuring their inputs and feedback is included in development policy. Also, development agencies should visibly acknowledge contributions of OPDs in these processes. In many cases development partners do not acknowledge the contribution of ODPs in development processes due to negative attitudes about OPDs.

Expand Criteria/ standards used to enlist partners: Many OPDs, especially those at grassroots levels may not have structures and standard systems as per criteria set by development partners, even though they do deliver results and have an impact in the communities they work. It is important to be flexible in criteria and standards used to enlist partners. Consider OPDs on case-by-case basis in terms of qualifications for funding instead of using a standard template to gauge all OPDs.

<u>Learn from OPD systems versus prescribing first: </u>Many OPDs have systems and ways of working. Development agencies should consider learning how OPDs work first and then fill capacity gaps instead of prescribing a system used by the development agency