By the time the policy is developed, it needs to be ensured that all the needs are well understood and prioritized. Allowing the active and meaningful participation of OPDs and PWD representatives is crucial. The policy needs to have its impact regularly assessed by evaluation of the realistic key indicators at each level and reviewed. The action plans made have to be reasonably ambitious. Funding has to be ensured that it’s sufficient and efficient. Establish or improve the cross-sectoral coordination mechanism and cooperation where the need is identified; improve the quality (and transparency) of monitoring reporting at all levels and sectors. All processes must include OPDs and PWDs to the extent that their legal rights allow.

The development partners must provide assistance with sustainability approaches to ensure the government focal points’ capacities are strengthened to achieve all the above-mentioned points, including capacity for mobilization and management of the resources. While the development partners themselves should also demonstrate inclusiveness in all aspects.