• Participant

    The approaches you explained are indeed important and effective to
    increase the access to higher education of individuals with
    disabilities. As Uganda is one of the first SSA countries to implement
    Universal Primary Education Policy in 1990s, they may have some
    effective approaches being implemented for higher education too. At
    the same time, with UPE Policy, Uganda was successful to reduce gender
    gap in education but not necessarily the disability gaps. So, it could
    be interesting to see how Governments allocate funding for disabled
    people’s education that covers the cost for educational materials in
    accessible format, support staffs, sign language facilities and more.
    As to Uganda, do you see any impact of providing students with
    disability 1.5 extra points awarded to meet the entry requirements?
    How other groups have reacted on this provision and can it be
    considered fair? At the end, quality should not be compromised and
    access should not be denied.