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    External Barriers

    • Stakeholders and actors advancing gender equality lack the capacity on disability issues and also often the knowledge to recognize the diversity among women and the unique forms of discrimination that are a result of intersections between gender and disbaility
    • Negative perceptions and attitudes that limit the participation of organizations of women with disabilities impact their involvement in policy discussions impacting on gender equality
    • Discussions on gender equality sometimes happen in inaccessible formats or locations hindering the involvement of women with disabilities


    Internal Barriers

    • Inadequate resources to participate or engage in gender equality discussions
    • Limited opportunities to engage in gender equality discussions
    • Lack of experience and training in policy discussions limits their involvement
    • Inaccessible information on the on going discussions on gender equality


    External Barriers

    • Lack of knowledge about disability issues and how they relate them to gender equality
    • Limited programs geared towards gender equality among women with disabilities and persons with disabilities organization
    • No focus for gender equality in all interventions in our disability organizations

    Internal barriers 

    •       Limited skills and experience in gender equality policy development
    •       Lack of data collection and disaggregate data on gender to give facts and figures in relation to disability and gender equality
    •       In accessible environment and lack of reasonable accommodation for all persons with disabilities including wwds
    •  Lack of capacity building in understanding gender equality
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)