Each month CIP invites an expert to pose an important question dealing with some aspect of inclusive policies.

We then invite all of you to participate in an on-line written discussion. At the end of the month, our expert will summarize the main results of that discussion in a blog. If you would like to pose a “question of the month” please write to us on our contact page.


Are OPDs responding to the increased demand for their advice in implementing the CRPD? If so, provide examples. If not, what is needed? And how can the voices of children and youth be better incorporated?


Rosangela Berman-Bieler


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How can we best support the education of children with disabilities in low and middle income countries?

Author: Nidhi Singal Education of children with disabilities General Comment No. 4 on Article 24 issued in 2016 by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities defined inclusion as, “a process of systemic reform embodying changes and modifications…

How can we best provide community supports in low- and middle-income countries?

For many people with disabilities, access to support services -such as personal assistance, communication support, supported living arrangements and support for mobility- is a precondition to participate in society and live with dignity. While the UN Convention on the Rights…