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Mitchell Loeb

Mitch is a Disability Data Advisor with several years of experience in the field of health sciences focusing primarily on disability, functioning and health. Prior to formal retirement in 2019, he spent 12 years at the Department of Analysis and Epidemiology at the National Center for Health Statistics, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition to his work in the USA, he has carried out epidemiologic research in Canada, Norway and several developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Southern and South-East Asia.

He continues his international commitment to the development of culturally comparable disability measures through his association with the Washington Group on Disability Statistics (WG). He routinely trains statisticians from National Statistical Offices (NSO), as well as representatives from Organizations of People with Disabilities (OPD), Governmental and Nongovernmental Organizations around the world in understanding, adapting and implementing the WG approach to disability measurement for use in their own data collection systems.