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Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo

Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo is the Global Disability Advisor for the World Bank Group. Her work at the Bank focuses on disability-inclusive development under its twin goals to end poverty and promote shared prosperity. As Disability Advisor, she supports operational teams across the institution to ensure that Bank policies, programs, and projects are disability-inclusive.

In 2011, as a well-respected human rights lawyer in disability and child rights advocate, she was appointed by President Obama to lead USAID’s work on disability-inclusive development. Before this, she worked as a senior operations officer at the Bank in the East Asia Pacific and Africa regions. Earlier in her career, she was appointed by President Nelson Mandela as a Commissioner to the South African Human Rights Commission, focusing on social and economic rights, disability rights, and child rights.

She also served as a project officer on child protection for UNICEF. Charlotte holds a Law Degree in international law and administration from the University of Warsaw, Poland, and Cornell Law School.