While we are working on developing specific material and resources related to inclusive policy, we would like to share with you some of the websites that we find interesting.

Overall resources on disability

International Disability Alliance:  a great website to be up to date with the latest development on mainstreaming rights of persons with disabilities in the SDG and the Human rights system. The IDA members page has links to their websites full of information related to issues of a diversity of disability constituencies or regions.

International Disability and Development Consortium: this is a portal with all key Disability and development NGOs and DPOs with access to material and a wide range of topics.

The Disability Rights Fund website has a great resource section covering many different areas and regularly updated.

More specifically:

  • On data and evidence

Washington Group on Disability Statistics : all information related to the development and use of the Washington groups set of questions for census and surveys to allow disaggregation by disability

Two research centres with a focus on disability and development International Centre for Evidence in Disability at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine  as well as the Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre  with reports and publication related to poverty, social protection, access to health and more.

  • On the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which include all the content of all CRPD committee sessions, past and upcoming the concluding recommendations related to country reviews, and the committee general comments. Also IDA dedicates a section of its website to CRPD with among others a useful and regularly updated compilation of the CRPD committee concluding recommendations organised by article.

The Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with all information related to the mandate, as well as important reports on social protection, inclusive policies, public participation, sexual and reproductive rights and more.

Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights section on disability, especially the thematic reports produce for the Human Rights Council such has on employment, international cooperation, inclusive education, equality and non-discrimination

  • UN and development agencies and disability

ILO disability and work webpage includes information and guidelines related to employment of persons with disabilities as well as social protection. The Global business and Disability Network is an interesting initiative and its website include resources and tools to support  inclusion of persons with disabilities,  aimed at multinational companies among others

UNICEF Disability webpage focuses on inclusion of children with disabilities and a specific page dedicated to inclusive education with useful material and link to webinars

WHO Disability  webpages includes key reports and guidelines related to community based rehabilitation, assistive devices, data and more.

World Bank Disability Group present the work of the world bank in the field of disability inclusions.

Beyond disability specific inclusion…

AWID website is a great resources related to gender equality, sustainable development and women’s human rights

The Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights sections on women, children, and indigenous people produces reports similar to the ones for disability mentioned above.


Overseas Development Institute (ODI) provide insights and rigorous analyses on a wide range of topics related to development and hosts among others the Chronic Poverty Advisory Network (CPAN) which recently addressed impact of anti-discrimination policies on poverty.

Development Initiatives provides information to make anti-poverty programs and policies better targeted, including to people in vulnerable groups.

Social watch provides up-to-date and activist and critical perspective and information on sustainable development, poverty eradication and gender equality

The Centre for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) provides tools and information with regards to monitoring of economic and social rights with strong perspective on SDGs and agenda 2030.

The European Network on Debt and Development (EURODAD) is a mine of information about key financing for development issues.

International Budget Partnership  provides  great material and experiences related to public budget analysis and experience of budget advocacy.

The Governance, Social Development Resource Center (GSDRC) provide a wealth of thematic literature review and reports on many topics relevant to our fields, for instance on inclusive governance or development…

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) provides research-based policy solutions to sustainably reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition in developing countries.  It is a research center of CGIAR, a worldwide partnership engaged in agricultural research for development.