Daniel Mont has extensive experience in the area of disability and inclusive development in research, operations, and capacity building, having worked for many years with the World Bank but also with a wide range of other international development agencies, governments, academics, and civil society organizations.

In terms of research, Mont has published extensively on disability measurement issues, the relation between disability and poverty, measuring the extra costs of living with disability. Recently he has focused on designing inclusive social protection programs and disability assessments.

As chair of the Analytical Working Group of the UN Statistical Commission’s Washington Group on Disability Statistics, Mont oversaw the testing and analytical plan that lead to the development of census and survey questions that have been adopted in many countries.  He also worked with UNICEF to develop a new instrument for identification of disability in children and make education management information systems more inclusive.  He has developed and been involved with the implementation of disability surveys in many countries and in the training of national statistical offices.

He has also been a trainer for DPOs and other civil society organizations on policy analysis and research on inclusion, and has worked with UNDP,OHCHR and UNESCAP on developing an indicator framework for reporting on the CRPD.

While at the World Bank Office in Hanoi, he helped develop and implement projects on rural development and poverty reduction among ethnic minorities, and was in charge of the country’s gender assessment, as well as general capacity building on poverty statistics.

He has a PhD in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BA in Economics from Swarthmore College.

Publications related to disability and inclusion.


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